Thursday, August 18, 2016

Friends of the African Union’s Global Stimulus Task Force Day 1

August 18th 2016
President Obama,

President Barack Obama, We, the members of the Friends of the African Union, followers of the tradition of Reginald Lewis, Rev. Dr. Leon Sullivan, Dr. Dorothy Height, Marcus Garvey, Fredrick Douglas, Dr. Mary Bethune Cookman, Harriet Tubman, and W.E.B. DuBois proposed on August 18th that the United States Government enter into a Public Private Partnership (P3) with the Friends of the African Union’s (FAU) Global Stimulus Task Force.  It is hereby formed this day as per our promise of yesterday.  The Friends of the African Union’s Global Stimulus Task Force (FAU Stimulus Task Force) is formed based on us creating $5T USD in debt that over a 100-year period becomes the solution to end institutionalized federal government racism against American citizens who are decedents of American slavery and institutionalized racism to African Americans.

The FAU Stimulus Task Force will use Cincinnati, Ohio to demonstrated the creation of the first P3 driven by parents; in this case using state law for P3’s. It will use licensed version of the Infinite Delivery Infinite Quantity Infinite Quality Program called the Daniels IDIQ3. Starting in Ohio in 10 congressional districts and then 290 other congressional districts and in every other state in the United States of America we will create a means tested solution using a FAU modified My Brother’s Keeper Alliance Playbook.

The FAU Stimulus Task Force will do this as an unsolicited proposal.  It is the policy of the United States Government to encourage the submission of new and innovative ideas in response to Broad Agency Announcements, Small Business Innovation Research topics, Small Business Technology Transfer Research topics, Program Research and Development Announcements, or any other Government-initiated solicitation or program. When the new and innovative ideas do not fall under topic areas publicized under those programs or techniques, the ideas may be submitted as unsolicited proposals.

The Federal Law 15.605 Content of unsolicited proposals.

Unsolicited proposals should contain the following information to permit consideration in an objective and timely manner:

 (a) Basic information including—

 (1) Offeror’s name and address and type of organization; e.g., profit, nonprofit, educational, small business;

 (2) Names and telephone numbers of technical and business personnel to be contacted for evaluation or negotiation purposes;

 (3) Identification of proprietary data to be used only for evaluation purposes;

 (4) Names of other Federal, State, or local agencies or parties receiving the proposal or funding the proposed effort;

 (5) Date of submission; and

 (6) Signature of a person authorized to represent and contractually obligate the offeror.

 (b) Technical information including—

 (1) Concise title and abstract (approximately 200 words) of the proposed effort;

 (2) A reasonably complete discussion stating the objectives of the effort or activity, the method of approach and extent of effort to be employed, the nature and extent of the anticipated results, and the manner in which the work will help to support accomplishment of the agency’s mission;

 (3) Names and biographical information on the offeror’s key personnel who would be involved, including alternates; and

 (4) Type of support needed from the agency; e.g., Government property or personnel resources.

 (c) Supporting information including—

 (1) Proposed price or total estimated cost for the effort in sufficient detail for meaningful evaluation;

 (2) Period of time for which the proposal is valid (a 6-month minimum is suggested);

 (3) Type of contract preferred;

 (4) Proposed duration of effort is 100 years 2016-2116;

 (5) Brief description of the organization, previous experience, relevant past performance, and facilities to be used;

(7) The names and telephone numbers of agency technical or other agency points of contact already contacted regarding the proposal include the White House Chief of Staff of the Cabinet of the President of the United States and State Department Interagency working group on the 2015 UN Universal Periodic review of the United States of America.

Action the FAU Stimulus Task Force will prepare for President Obama (POTUS), by August 27th 2016 a order that he can execute by himself and with no congressional oversight, such as the pardon for Marcus Garvey Jr., and in this order he can tell his Treasury Secretary or the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee Chairwoman directly that he wants to use additional Quantitative Easing authority, there was 16 trillion issued a of 2010. We guesstimate that $8.75 Trillion has been used. The Federal Open Market Committee will then direct the Open Market Trading Desk at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to conclude an $5 Trillion asset purchase program with those designated by the FAU Stimulus Task Force and our allies (including two million African American businesses by October 15th 2016) through January 19th 2017.

Hershel Daniels Junior

FAU Stimulus Task Force

Monday, August 15, 2016

Posthumous Presidential Pardon to exonerate Marcus Garvey.

Dear Friends:
We have reached the final stages of our campaign to exonerate my father,Marcus Garvey.
We have filed a petition with the U.S. Department of Justice and with the White House Council.
This is the last legal avenue open to us as Congressman Charles Rangelhas tried with repeated Congressional House Resolutions and Congressman John Conyers, Jr. has tried through the House Judiciary Committee.
We are asking your support for this Posthumous Presidential Pardon.
Please see the attached prototypical letter which you are free to alter in anyway you see fit. It can also be on your letterhead or the letterhead of your organization.
The letter should be sent to Akin Gump Strauss Haurer and Feld, LLP; Robert S. Strauss Building, 1333 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20036-1564; to the attention of Melissa Chastang, as they have created the legal document. The hard copy may be mailed to Melissa Chastang at the address provided or it may be emailed to
We are also asking you to reach out to your circle of friends and or committed people to share this letter and it's intent, so that they too can support our effort, which is not just for the family but for all Africans, those at Home and those Abroad.
Thank you very much for your anticipated support in this endeavor.
Julius W. Garvey, M.D.

Here is the Posthumous Presidential Pardon.